A few neat things

Nathan was always on the lookout for something new to do or check out. He was fun loving and had a great sense of humour. One of his favorite things to do was to tease his best friend – his sister.

After speaking to a person at a networking event, he learned he could become a minister and marry people. He liked to let Jessica know that he was ready to perform her ceremony!

Ministry cert

He loved his dog, Gyzmo. Nathan spent time looking for the perfect lap dog. He took his mom and Jessica to a pet store in Stratford to see him. When they met they all new Gyzmo was the perfect new member of the family. He is a bit bigger than Nathan expected now – but he thinks he is a lap dog – and has quite the personality. Gyzmo and Nathan did everything together.

And Gyzmo’s favorite – a treat

of course – walks

Nathan also had a vision – it was one where people worked as a community, one where the strengths of each helped the whole to create  a place where everyone benefited. By working together, as a community, each person  grew.

A few months after Nathan passed away, we were so honoured to find that he had been voted as one of TechAlliance’s Tech Champions. This award is given to individuals who were positive influences in the technology area for our city.

Tech Champion

We were honoured to receive the award on his behalf.

Nathan Tech Champion

Some of the presentation is shown here:

Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund

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