Community Impact Statements

There are 2 community impact statements which have been prepared by the general community. These are attached.

NOTE: Let us know if there is anything we have included which you wish to discuss with us.

General Community Impact Statement

There are two parts to this impact statement. The first part is a booklet which is being submitted to the judge for him to read. It provides more background and includes a number of posts, letters and cards that you, the community, write at the time of Nathan’s funeral.

The second part is a slideshow presentation which will be presented in court. It contains short statements and ends with the video recorded at the funeral.

It is our goal to have members from the community read the short statements in the slideshow. Please let us know if you would like to participate and read one of the statements.

View booklet

View slideshow

Inspire! Community Day Impact Statement

The second community impact statement is about the Inspire! Community Day that took place last summer, July 22, 2017. It contains photos from the day and a summary of the event. There is a video which was created by Adam Caplan and his team. It will be played at the end of the presentation.

View slideshow

Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund

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Nathan's Urban Farm
A little ray of sunshine today! Perk up your taste buds with a splash of citrus. Your body will love the vitamin C!We peeled an orange, sliced it along with a kiwi and then arranged in a circle with alternating slices. No need for additional sweetening as this is all you need. #healthyeating ... See MoreSee Less
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