Community Impact

An impact statement is your expression of Nathan’s impact on your life and the impact of this loss to you. These are YOUR expressions and there are no rights or wrongs. The following are from the time of Nathan’s death and express so well Nathan’s impact. We hope that these may provide assistance in what you may wish to express.

There are various groups that are working on Community Impact Statements. We can assist in connecting you with appropriate people if you wish. We are also working on a general Community Impact Statement which will include some of the following. You are welcome to contribute to the general statement and sign as a member of the community. If you wish to add to the general statement please let us know at Once we have put the general community statement together we will let you know about signing.

Pierre LeDreff

Jodi Lynn

Henry Hg

General Comments3

Trevor Machado

Abby Felker

Jennifer Rocco

Sonja Fernandes

Darryl Deslippe

Robert Eh McKenzie

Mike Laforet

Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund

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Nathan's Urban Farm
A little ray of sunshine today! Perk up your taste buds with a splash of citrus. Your body will love the vitamin C!We peeled an orange, sliced it along with a kiwi and then arranged in a circle with alternating slices. No need for additional sweetening as this is all you need. #healthyeating ... See MoreSee Less
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