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An impact statement is your expression of Nathan’s impact on your life and the impact of this loss to you. These are YOUR expressions and there are no rights or wrongs. The following are from the time of Nathan’s death and express so well Nathan’s impact. We hope that these may provide assistance in what you may wish to express.

There are various groups that are working on Community Impact Statements. We can assist in connecting you with appropriate people if you wish. We are also working on a general Community Impact Statement which will include some of the following. You are welcome to contribute to the general statement and sign as a member of the community. If you wish to add to the general statement please let us know at Once we have put the general community statement together we will let you know about signing.

Pierre LeDreff

Jodi Lynn

Henry Hg

General Comments3

Trevor Machado

Abby Felker

Jennifer Rocco

Sonja Fernandes

Darryl Deslippe

Robert Eh McKenzie

Mike Laforet

Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund

2 months ago

Nathan's Urban Farm
This week we welcomed new volunteers to the farm - Leigh, Keira, and Emily. Thank you for joining us!Sara did a great job in training and guiding our new farmers. Lots of work was done to clean our towers and get new seedlings planted.Hutton House #growyourownfood #sustainablefood #volunteering Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Nathan's Urban Farm
Launched at Growing Chefs! Ontario at The Grove at Western Fair District ! Thank you Andrew and team for opening up space for us. This is a win-win for us to be here and supporting education about growing vegetables, preparing vegetables and most especially... eating yummy vegetables!!!Growing Chefs! offers such informative, engaging content about food. Being able to reach youth to educate them about healthy foods is one of our 3 goals. This is especially exciting as Growing Chefs is running summer camps with youth. They will now be able to experience our farm first-hand and see how their food grows. The experience of eating a vegetable which has just been harvested IS AMAZING! The taste is indescribable. #sustainablefarming #sustainablefood #foodeducation #partnership #growyourownfood #foodpoverty #519london #ldnont ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

Nathan's Urban Farm
Strawberries, banana and mint leaves. Naturally delicious!Mint is being grown in a jar. It contains the roots and makes it super handy to walk out on the desk to cut leaves as I need them. A bit of nutrient solution periodically and it is happy! #foodie #foodsecurity #healthyeating #nathansurbanfarm ... See MoreSee Less
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