Inspire! Community Expo – 2017

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Saturday July 22, 2017
Springbank Gardens
(at the Wonderland Complex – NOT Springbank Park)

See, Try and Do! An inspiring day of community building, healthy living, and fun! We invite you to attend this day of activities, music, and fun action. In the words of Nathan – shenanigans. There will be an ongoing schedule of

  • activities – yoga, salsa dancing, break-dancing, aikido, bootcamp
  • entertainment – a variety of live entertainment
  • presentations – brief chats on juicing, healthy fun menus, mental health, fun

The 3 cornerstones of healthy living – activity, fun and knowledge – work together to make us whole, healthy, complete people.

Our Inspiration

Nathan could always be counted on to liven up a gathering whether it was 2 or a crowd. Nathan’s belief in people inspired them to grow and succeed.

John Maxwell ProfileOH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!

Life’s A Great Balancing Act.
And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
~ Dr. Seuss

If you never try you’ll never know. 
~ Nathan Deslippe



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Session Facilitators and
Incredible Wonderful Supporters!

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Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund

2 months ago

Nathan's Urban Farm
This week we welcomed new volunteers to the farm - Leigh, Keira, and Emily. Thank you for joining us!Sara did a great job in training and guiding our new farmers. Lots of work was done to clean our towers and get new seedlings planted.Hutton House #growyourownfood #sustainablefood #volunteering Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Nathan's Urban Farm
Launched at Growing Chefs! Ontario at The Grove at Western Fair District ! Thank you Andrew and team for opening up space for us. This is a win-win for us to be here and supporting education about growing vegetables, preparing vegetables and most especially... eating yummy vegetables!!!Growing Chefs! offers such informative, engaging content about food. Being able to reach youth to educate them about healthy foods is one of our 3 goals. This is especially exciting as Growing Chefs is running summer camps with youth. They will now be able to experience our farm first-hand and see how their food grows. The experience of eating a vegetable which has just been harvested IS AMAZING! The taste is indescribable. #sustainablefarming #sustainablefood #foodeducation #partnership #growyourownfood #foodpoverty #519london #ldnont ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

Nathan's Urban Farm
Strawberries, banana and mint leaves. Naturally delicious!Mint is being grown in a jar. It contains the roots and makes it super handy to walk out on the desk to cut leaves as I need them. A bit of nutrient solution periodically and it is happy! #foodie #foodsecurity #healthyeating #nathansurbanfarm ... See MoreSee Less
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