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Inspire! Community Initiatives 2017

Thank you again to everyone who helped out and participated in our events this year. It is truly a wonderful community we have.

Thank you to Lisa Shackleton and YogaShack for the amazing YogaShack Gives Back fundraiser. Inspiring and heartwarming!

Thank you Ashley for leading and coordinating the Goodlife Yoga Fundraiser. Goodlife has been such a strong supporter of our events! A wonderful community pillar.

Inspire! Community Expo – Wrap up!

Thank you!!! That was awesome!!! Give yourselves a pat on the back and a big hug for all of the sharing, caring, learning, doing, and all-round amazingness that happened at the Inspire! Community Expo.

The most awesome part was how this community came together to make this all happen – activities, presentations, fun activities, food. The joke now is that I would put out a “hey!” (I need something done) and would receive in return an “OK!” (including an emergency late Friday pickup of sunglasses from Toronto). I was remiss on Saturday in not acknowledging a smaller community – my organizing team – Ashley Michelle C, Sonja Fernandes, Marga Yuhasz, Connie Roberts, Mark Henshaw, Patti Merlo Giles, Nikita Marie, Justin Zadorsky and Bob Wildman.

Sonja, thank you for organizing the volunteers and vendors, and for checking in with me regularly and thinking of all the pieces that I didn’t. Marga, thank you for jumping in and working through all of the details with us. You were also an awesome stage manager!

There were so many who could not attend but helped with spreading the word, contributing in some way with BBQs, prizes, t-shirts, beverages, funds, and sending us bubbles of love from afar. It was so heartwarming to be able to do live videos and see names of people pop up who could not attend physically but could be there virtually.

The Inspire! Community Expo drew in a community not only from London but from Windsor to Toronto. It was truly an inspiring day full of healing, helping, laughter and inspiration from Nathan! As I said in my opening remarks, we all have dark moments and days. No matter what the future brings, this day will hold a special place in our hearts like a firefly bringing warmth, joy and light.

With Love, Mona, Tim and Jessica

Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund

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