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Inspire! Community Music Jam
– Sunday, June 9 – 5 – 8 pm

The official release of One Last Time, a song by Julia Haggarty, co-written by Justin Zadorsky dedicated to their friend Nathan Deslippe.

Other friends performing through the evening will be The PairsJoseph William MacKay Barker III, and Sarina Haggarty.



Shenanigans include an Inspiration Corner, photo booth, raffle, snacks and drinks, lots of inspiration and laughter.

Money raised will go towards the Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund.

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The story:

During the difficult trial period, “One Last Time” was written by friends Justin Zadorsky and Julia Haggarty as an impact statement covering the feelings of shock, longing, and loss of their school mate and family friend, the late Nathan Deslippe. As one of 43 impact statements, the rough demo was played through the courtroom speakers. The song was distorted but the message was clear: Nathan was a huge presence who would be missed by many.

The days following the impact statements, Haggarty began receiving messages requesting copies of the song. She and her co-writer quickly realized their song was helping to heal the broken hearts that were missing Nathan. With the help of the Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund, an official version of the song was recorded by Julia in Nashville, TN. The song will be officially released on Friday, June 7th where it will be available on all music streaming and purchasing platforms, as well on the Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund website, where listeners are encouraged to purchase the song by donation to the foundation.

The official launch party will be Sunday, June 9th at Aeolian Hall. Julia and Justin will be joined by fellow musicians from Nathan’s community to celebrate and remember Nathan.

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